Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You Get What You Pay For

A lot of people would come up to me and ask for a website to be made for them. I give them a price and they back off. They would always tell me that its too expensive that in fact the website would be easy to do anyways.

Well, if it was that easy why can't you make it yourself. For a surgeon, brain surgery is easy but painting the Sistine Chapel would be a great feat!

Usually (and I am being fairly optimistic), you get what you pay for. Quality comes hand in hand with price. You shouldn't expect a pair of jeans to last a year if you paid $10 for it (but I'm still against overpriced jeans of more than $100).

So the next time you want a website made, should you ask those students to do it for you or for a professional who knows their stuff.

PS: Same goes with computer networking, ask me to setup your network or ask the kid next door set it up for you. You pay the price, you pay for the headaches as well.